“Yay! I have a tan!” – KPKevin

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Grey + Glamourous

Yeah this is damn outdated but thought better start blogging as much as i meant to before it becomes absolutely redundant!

The Grey Goose party @ Attic to wrap up their Guest Bartender series

This was after we rushed back from Perhentian two weeks ago.
KinkyPugKevin championed it out by going straight to Attic, whereas i refused to show up looking like someone just picked me up from the water and plopped me there.
So i went home to shower, makeup and do my hair in an impressive time of 30 minutes flat.
Kyan Yap and Joyce Wong
KrazyKatKyan aka Kyan Yap and i

I don’t know why there’s this stupid ugly thing on the bottom right of the picture
Will bug Wilson, my programmer, later
Marion Caunter and Kevin Yeoh
MareDiva and Kevin hitting it up on the dancefloor

Marion Caunter
MareDiva was mixing her cocktails alongside Alvey that night

Alvey and Marion Caunter
The Channel [V] VJs

I tried both their cocktails and much preferred MareDiva’s

Sorry Alvey
Dont Tell Anyone

Serena C, Joyce Wong, Christian Neal Capes
Fairy, SmallSerena, ChristianCleo

Xandria Ooi and Joyce Wong
Xandria Ooi

Adam Carruthers, James Sherrard, Joyce Wong
AdamPoserPan, James, me

DJs Glenn and Funkie Junkie Donovan
DJs Glenn from Cynna and Donovan from Velvet

Grey Goose
Getting the framed ad for when i bartended for them
I was happy to get the bottle of Grey Goose ha ha
Big Grin
Grey Goose

Joyce Wong, Stephanie Kennedy, Dhanya Nambiar
moi, StephTheVolcano, DarlingDhanya

Lim Cho Wei, Joyce Wong


Llew on the baby grand.
My attention is diverted by the bubbly on the baby grand.
Tongue Sticking Out

Joey G
Joey G

Oh then my camera die-ded cos i didn’t charge it the entire time in Perhentian

Not bad la, it lasted four days without charging
Big Grin

Taken by Danny Choo from his Facebook

Grey Goose at Attic

All the guest bartenders
L-R > Kyan Yap, Elaine Daly, Carmen Soo, Joey Ghazlan, Adam Carruthers, Joyce Wong, Marcus Chan, Xandria Ooi, Christian Neal Capes, James Lim, Marion Rose Caunter, Malik Taufiq, Stephanie Caunter, Farah aka Kyra Dani, Llew Marsh

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  1. Patricia says:

    this is way better than xanga ๐Ÿ˜€

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