Wednesday August 22, 2007

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I Fell Asleep At Gwen’s Concert

because i was so exhausted like you wouldn’t believe.

If it can justify anything, i fell asleep during a slow song of hers…

Marvelous seats in the front and i fall asleep.

It was packed packed packed.

Sorry i was really tired and couldn’t be bothered taking nice pictures.
So i took one of her covering her face with her hand. :p
I even left early. Sacre bleu!
My whole body was aching and i was going to collapse.

I wouldn’t have considered it a concert ‘concert’… i was more like a showcase.
Started late at 9:15 and ended about 70 minutes later.
The stage was surprisingly smaller then i expected and though she went through numerous constume changes, the only visuals to complement her performance was a screen right in the middle above the band. The other two screens don’t count cos they’re showing closeups of her.

But the crowd was super layan.
I think i just didn’t have enough energy and alcohol to fuel my fairy batteries..!


I also missed out on the Intel Ratatouille premier cos i couldn’t spare the time
0_o Sorry, and thank you for the complimentary tickets  ๐Ÿ™

Applied for leave months ago… and tomorrow i fly off to Bangkok with Gobi + gang.
For five days.
I cannot wait.
I so need this break.


The Animax Fashion-Ability finals in 1U last Saturday
Some of the finalists’ designs were really quirky and impressive
Bill Keith  briefed the judges on the marking scheme before the event started
Next time i judge a fashion contest, i’ll know not to ponder too long and hard on the designs cos before i know it, the next contestant’s model is running down the stage!

After that was my guest bartending gig at Attic

KrazyKatKyan concocted the Kinkybluefairy so strong, girls were getting drunk on two.
Each Kinkybluefairy has two and half shots of liqour in it so… no wonder.
Upon their first sip, people were either going, “Shit! It’s damn kow man! *choke*” or “Wow, nice! *slurp*”

Either way, I’m not complaining.

JoanneKamPoPo and moi

Joanne had two cool drinks called Kam On Your Face and Kam Quick

I had loads of fun making people cocktails and admittedly, it feels really sexy behind the bar.
Though inside, all i really wanted to do was run around, talk and drink.

But i couldn’t drink so much lest i broke something behind the bar 

FairyNiz and me
Niz is the only other person i’d put ‘fairy’ with in her cartoon name
Cos she’s fairy-crazy and alkey too  

Okay i really don’t have time to edit more pictures, will post the rest up when i come back.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You have the same height as Joanne Kam?! With heels? Kekeke…

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