Monday June 11, 2007

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My sleep schedule that is.
I took a nap at 5pm. Had weird dreams about trying to go in a dirty bathroom. And woke up at 9pm.
Hence i’m damn awake now even though i have to wake up for work tomorrow..!

Lagi best, i have to wake up earlier cos TylerTheFairysitter is taking me to C&C to pick up my car
I don’t understand why they’d bother calling me on Saturday morning, half an hour before they close
“Joyce, your car is ready.”
“Oh, great *tries to sound awake*…”
“Yeah, but we close at 12 pm.”
“It’s 11:30 now…” and i slept at 7am -_-
“Yeah, do you want to pick it up now or another day?”

Crazy. Expect me to get ready and rush all the way to Federal Highway in half an hour when i’m so hungover from company party.

So tomorrow it is.

Pictures from the Belvedere thing in Frangipani last week before it’s too outdated.

Dragged KinkyPug there with me even though he had to go to Laundry
My bad

This is John.
He’s the editor for KLue  now.
Adrian’s now publisher so he just… oversees..?

I love John’s picture next to the editorial note this month.
Made me giggle in Alexis.
Which reminds me… i owe John an article :p

This is KenDD
Can usually see him running around Somo, making everyone drink so his bar makes more money.

Joe, BalaTania, SilverBagLady, NotYourAverageJo

“Hey, do you know Joe?”
*stares at Joe* “Know him? We used to live in the same apartment!”
“Yeah!” – Joe
“Yeah. You damn messy.”
“Hey… i wasn’t as messy as Adam okay!”
“Haha true!”

A few people complimented my top, which i rarely wear
It’s from Baylene, whose designs i quite fancy
First noticed the brand in Singapore
Bought this in Rhapsody (KL) a few years back when they still brought some of her stuff in
Then now they don’t
And i don’t know where to get her designs  anymore (or maybe i’m not trying hard enough!)

MareDiva, Jowett, KinkyPug

Jowett is the diva’s friend from Penang.
I forgot what he told me he does.
But it’s okay! I foresee a good drinking buddy in sight.

LyeCwan + KancheongRichard


BlackChickJessie + DikTracy (haha)

Okay lazy already

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Woo… Puggy looks so nice in a tie :). Is the new Klue editor’s name John or James cos he looks familiar

  2. Anonymous says:

    forever damn alot of leng luis ar your entries..nose bleed warning..

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can find Baylene apparels in sunny singapore!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The BAYLENE’s success story is pretty phenomenal. I have it cut out and pasted in my project book hehs ;p

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