Friday February 10, 2006

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The Page Turns &

An Exciting New Chapter Begins

Thank you.

For teaching me

That there really are evil people out there in the world
That words are words and sometimes, every single word can be a lie
That forging letters using the name ‘Mark’ doesn’t get you into jail
That someone i considered a confidante and respected superior could stab us all in the back over and over again without us knowing it…

Right after the shit hit the fan,
Everyone, including my own boyfriend, came up to me and sympathetically said
“I Told You So.”
Yes they all did, but i was giving one the benefit of the doubt
I don’t regret it because it’s my principle (trying not to fall prey to rumourmongers) and meeting someone like you won’t change it

The media industry is small and i have no doubt you’ll have what’s coming to you one day.

Today is my last day with FACES as a full-timer
So everyone can stop asking me “I thought you stopped already?”
Obviously there is a month’s notice when i give in resignation letter right

I was clearing away my desk:
My Little Pony shelf stickers
Photos of Smellie, BalaTania and RinaThePowerpuff
Fairy figurines
Fairy/Design/Art books
Kitschy Dick & Jane calendar

PrincessAnna looked on forlornly

“Nah,” i handed her some leftover BacardiLimon that was sitting on my desk, “For you to remember me by and drink when you miss me.”
PrincessAnna:ย ย  :xshocked:  :xwhatevah:

Our memorable moments:


Partying with you for the first time in Penang ๐Ÿ™‚
Along with KennyT, LynnzterSillyWabbit, BadBoyBen, Ern, Frostie, etc.

That was seriously one of the wildest nights la ๐Ÿ˜‰



The time it was raining heavily and we wanted to ta pau food from the back lane
We both wore makeshift coats and hats made from waterproof paper used to wrap the magazines for delivery

We were doubled-over laughing so hard, we almost didn’t notice
The workers at the neighbouring offices laughing at us as well

But it’s a bit difficult not to notice great hoots of laughter when they’re all looking in our direction…


I was bored and wanted to walk to the grocery shop behind the office to buy drinks
“Do you want juice? Or Vitagen? I’m going to the shop.”
“Ookay, Vitagen!”

So off i went.
My eyes wandered to the other products in the refrigerator
Paid i did, and pottered back to the office

PrincessAnna took her stuff
“Joyce. You were supposed to buy me Vitagen… and you bought me beer.” -_-‘
I laughed back happily, “The beer was just next to it! Mag just went out to print! Nothing to do wut… so celebrate la!”

Me:ย  :xshy:  :xpleased:  :xlaughing:
Anna:ย  :xwhatevah: …..ย  :xlaughing:
Both of us:ย ย  :xlaughing:  :xlaughing:


I will miss sitting next to you everyday
But you know i’ll still pop by with ‘drinks’ now and then


I will still be freelancing for FACES as well as other publications
So if you need some photography or writing done
You know who to contact ๐Ÿ˜‰

13 Responses to Friday February 10, 2006

  1. All the best in your freelance career!

    Enjoy your upcoming Thailand trip. Are you going to the Bangkok Rock 100? So jeles la! Will you be posing with Franz F? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. nightstar says:

    This month, I also learnt

    That there really are damned evil people out there in the world
    That words are words and sometimes, every single word can be a lie
    That forging blogz using the name ‘Greg’ doesn’t get you into jail…

    Right after the shit hit the fan, 
    I really wished I listen to my ex-boyfriend, so I went up to him and said
    “U Told Me So.” (x _ x)

    Oh wells. Crash & Burn. Live & Learn.

  3. cyberred says:

    haih i loved rush mag when they came out then disappeared when he was there..

    then some anony left a msg bout syy at bel’s site.. didn’t think it was real

    =/ oh well

  4. Anonymous says:

    haih i loved rush mag when they came out then disappeared when he was there..

    then some anony left a msg bout syy at bel’s site.. didn’t think it was real

    =/ oh well

  5. Quilana says:

    FINALLY, I can properly welcome you to the world of the “unemployed”…

    …but now I have a job.

  6. anna_ramayah says:

    Joyce!  Sitting around alone is no fun ๐Ÿ™ all your funny comments and the silly things we used to say and laugh about and your “chinese rock song” isn’t here anymore:-( Thanks for being a great support to me and such a “joy to be” with co-worker:-) I shall meet with ya again one of these nights when i make my “once in a blue moon” appearances and we’ll down tequilla shots and see who the last man standing is kay? hehehehe..Miss Ya! See you soon *hugs*


  7. iamsorite says:

    Joyce..”We Told You So”….;)

    Thank you a was your lovely site.. you lead us to him…..he didnt see it coming huh?ehehe…stupid fat liar..

    it’s also a new chapter for Mr Ian Seow..

    sooner or later the police will be knocking on his door..:)..and put him behind the bars for a very long long time for the crimes he committed during the early 90s till now…..”Mr Seow” are reading this can run but you cant hide…hehhe..and i dont think you can run or hide..because u r so fucking fat and big..heheh…..

    see u all…i’m done here..and thank you very much joyce will be rewarded….


  8. Oh well, at least you gave him the benefit of doubt. At least la kan? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So what took them so long to print that annoucement?

  9. looney_v5 says:

    ehhh, my memory damn cacat, but did i ask you about this faces manager a while ago????? ARghhhhhhhhh can’t remember the details!!!!! info!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, now i remember! someone left a message on my spambox about someone someone.. ahahahhaa.. but who remembers anyway… memory betrays me…

    pissing off media people, such a bad place to be in…

  10. jasper_spiller: yup yup! rock concert, here i come!

    nighstar: “I really wished I listen to my ex-boyfriend, so I went up to him and said
    “U Told Me So.” (x _ x)”


    daymn girl. nvmind nvmind. i shall come look for you again for drinks after work ๐Ÿ˜‰

    meng heng blared me last night, for calling him but then saying “actually… i’m trying to get michelle”

    quilana: well i’m not TOTALLY unemployed… 0_o

    what’s your job?!

    anna banana:
    hahaha aww so sweet *cries* my chinese rock song is still on the imac next to you *evil grin*
    I can’t wait till your next Once-In-A-Blue-Moon-Anna-Comes-Out-To-Play occurence. Next time i will win okay. no more cheating!!!

    kakicucuklangit: it came out in feb wut… and feb mag goes out to print around 18th jan mar… so betul la, it was asap printing kan?

    looney: sigh. your memory memang cannot make it

  11. placid26 says:

    Leet speak? You are such a closet geek.

  12. whingeomatic says:

    a few friends and i worked for this conman at rush. we helped him start up for no pay and then when it was time to pay us, he didn’t. bastard still owes me RM1200. a few people who freelance for a living also fell into his trap.

    every darn dirty thing about this idiot is real. go dig him up, the sun, harpers, rush etc. for you guys who liked rush, think of all the poor freelancers who had to starve for months providing content, from photos to articles.

    i was wondering how long before he would pull his old habits at faces.

  13. kennysia says:

    Welllllllll the damage may have been done but he gets what he deserves. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best for your future workplace, wherever it may be.

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