Tuesday December 7, 2004

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Zoukout : edited

Because so many of you are bugging me like asses to put the pics up…
Now quit complaining!

I have to thank
Gobi   Rita   GBK   Hon Seng  
for inviting me to come along with them.
You guys are fucking great.
This trip made me realise how a truly great group of people you all are

ok ok enough mushiness

I started sipping my Malibu on the way from Johore to Spore.
As the bus was nearing the Causeway, what did we encounter but a


Horror of horrors!
A silly traffic wasn’t going to ruin our fun, no way. Uh-uh.
So we jumped off the bus and walked for an hour.
Honestly, i didn’t feel tired at all (though i should* have been cos i skipped sleep on Fri night and slept for only 3 hours on the bus ride to Johore)
It’s so amazing how anticipation can push me.
I didn’t feel tired at all, in fact, we all enjoyed the walk immensely (or so i think)

After that, we stood in immigration for another hour.
The journey to the rave itself was using up the last of my energy…

“You know. I don’t think i’ve ever used this much effort to go to a rave before…”
“Yea la.. me too.”

But all of us knew that when we reached, all complaints would be forgotten in the drone of heavenly music.

I sipped my malibu while waiting at immigration. I was thirsty and i didn’t have water okay.
It was one of those annoying days when i purposely wanted to get high for a rave and i couldn’T even when i budgeted the amount properly so i wouldn’t pass out on the beach.

So i drank somemore.
I went on beer next (as did the others) all the way to the entrance of the rave.
As expected, everyone had to go through a strict bag check cos of the No-Drug regulation in Spore.
They didn’t really check mine much, must be my innocent face ๐Ÿ™‚

Once we got in, it was like a playground.
My favourite playground.
Which one to run to first?!
Which? Oh, which?!
There were three (or was it four?) tents, but i was only interested in running to and fro the Main Tent and the R&B one.
It would take freaking 10 minutes to walk briskly from one to the other cos both of them just *had* to be on the opposite ends of the beach!
Many many girls in bikinis and oh-so-fine men….
Also many oh-so-fine men who weren’t oh-so-into-girls.

There was one podium with hot men only.
I stared there thinking
gosh if i could pick one, i would take ages… that one! *focus shifts* no… he’s got a nicer ass. nO! *focus shifts again* *He’s* got nicer arms… omg the other one there is so sexy to-die-for…
But of couse i couldn’t pick cos they were all gay.
Only gay men would shamelessly shake their mighty fine asses on podiums for all to see *applaudes*
Too bad Dave wasn’t there. You would have very much enjoyed it.

I split my time between R&B with JasonJoannaAlan and PaulVanDyk with MaryGobiRitaEveryoneelse.

The atmosphere was fantastic.
It was absolutely

carefree and crazy.

Everyone around was dancing like their life depended on it.
I watch back the videos of us dancing and laugh out loud.

crap gtg edit later


16 Responses to Tuesday December 7, 2004

  1. mizzvickz says:

    nice pics ๐Ÿ™‚ u have wonderful photography skills…

  2. erinnys says:

    joyce… jason’s cute cousin is me friend! and his name is Swan Ming ๐Ÿ™‚

    it’s a small world….. -*mwahaha*- can i send him the link to ur blog?!?

    love, jin

  3. erinnys says:

    i forgot to give you some loving. here goes…

  4. smallswong says:

    my cousin looks good in a bikini! hhahah =)

  5. kaveh says:

    nice fontypez.nice layoutz.nice everythingz!

  6. nightstar says:

    whoopz that was me,nightstar, proppin.not kaveh.i had no idea his PC auto logz him on. anyhooz if kaveh saw this page he’d happily prop you up!;]

  7. magicspells says:

    the pics are all gorgeous, u must hav real good photography skills o.O

  8. Ponk says:

    lovely as usual! woot! woot! zoukout!

  9. crazypoogle says:

    *jumps on the bandwagon* Great pics!

  10. roxybelle says:

    i love the way u edited those piccies.

    muchoz propz.

  11. jigsawpuzzle says:

    oh wait… no pic of those gay men?

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