Saturday September 25, 2004

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I went to my godbrother's birthday dinner just now.
I somewhat dreaded it because i haven't gone to church for almost a  year.

As expected, i got confronted by an auntie like so...
"Long time never see you ar... have you been overseas studying?"
"Er... no...."
"Oh. Then don't you come to mass?"
"Erm... Er... Ah...." cos i always party and never am able to wake up. cos i start disagreeing with alot of things they say in church.

At another point, i was happily helping myself to the wine and noticed on of the girls from church looking mighty bored.
"Drink wine!," said i.
"I don't like wine...," said she.
I gasped. "With alcohol, you'll never be bored!"
To which there were retorts from other church friends...
"You're gonna be shot by lightning, i swear."
"Stop influencing her, Joyce."

2 Responses to Saturday September 25, 2004

  1. may_devil says:

    I argee with ya – hehheh

    with alcohol, you will NEVER get bored …

  2. suelynnz says:

    Absolutely true!!!


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