Thursday July 22, 2004

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Right at The Top

The climb to the top was ok.
I’m saying it was ok because i wasn’t too conscious at the time…
It’s not funny waking up at 2 am to stumble in the cold and darkness using a small torch as your only light.

The climb was mostly steep rocks all the way now.
I saw a couple of people vomiting on the way.

One of the best parts was the steep plane of rocks we had to climb.
It was scary.
But it was fun cos no other time/place would i get a chance to climb something that steep…

With only.

A rope.

And a narrow cliff with a diameter of 6 inches.

I chose to hold the rope with both hands.
Looking behind me (mistake as well), i shuddered at the thought of accidentally slipping.
As luck would have had it, my torch on the string round my neck broke.
The horror!!!!
My heart was in a plastic bag as i watched it bounce down the cliff.
*tak* *tak* (bouncing) *disappears*
Whoaaaaaa…… don’t MESS!!!

Somehow, the last 500 m to the peak was the hardest of all.
Jess and i were together.
David got lost.
We felt like we had elephant legs stuck on us.
It was a totally step-by-step thing…

At one point, this lady in front of us sighed, said,
“ok that’s it i’m done”
and promptly turned around to go back down.

NO WAY was i gonna turn back after coming this far!!!!

Jess and i were going so so so so so so slowly…
We would take five steps then stop…
It was nothing like i’d experienced before.
It was just fucking maximum:
c a n n o t    t a k e    i t  .   c o m
and you could see everyone in front of us just
p  u  s  h  i  n  g      i  t  ………….

But one of the marvels of resting was the view.
By then, there were no more trees blocking the moonlight.

It was 4 am.
We just sat on the steep slope of rocks with cracks everywhere.
There were like a million stars twinkling and winking at us.
I looked up so much my neck ached.
Below us was a blanket of thiCK clouds…
And there was a tiny hole at a spot in the clouds, where we could see lights from a town (kk perhaps?)
The moon.
Oh my god.
The moon was SO awesome…
It was so massively bright, there were twinkles coming from it as well.


You wouldn’t get the impact of what i’m saying unless you had been there yourself.

It was just so fucking beautiful.

Jess and i were thinking of things to semangat ourselves to go faster.
I was afraid we wouldn’t reach the peak in time for sunrise.

“i know i know… think of something you want to buy next time you go shopping!”
I think of the British India top i’m dying to get and climb faster.
“eh Joyce! it’s not working la… *pants*” Jess calls from behind me.
I wait for her.
I think….
“i know i know….!! think of that hot guy we saw at half peak…. woo…”
Jess laughs in her effort.

And the most amazing part.

Both of us super surged on like anything!!


Didn’t think i needed words to go on these photos… a picture speaks a thousand words

i’m off to do my homework now.

5 Responses to Thursday July 22, 2004

  1. PuiMun says:

    just awesome…just fuckin awesome

  2. dawnsquirl says:

    utterly breath taking views.

    wonderful photography as always too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Artemiz says:

    I really wouldn’t fancy getting up at freaking 2am, but I’ve never seen a real sunrise before so it’ll be worth it. I really envy you. ย 

  4. nightstar says:

    ahz.even as i read frenz are up der in KK doin the same shit you did..hahz.i have height phobia so i’ll never ever go up KK..but i’ve climbed the kLang ridge..and view from there was i can only imagine how beautiful it was up there in KK..must’ve felt one step closer to gheaven;]

  5. […] After transit in KK, the pilot alerted us to Mt. Kinabalu on our left So i stared at it in wonder, thinking about the time i was right at the top of it […]

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