Thursday May 20, 2004

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I can think of four friends from the top of my head that just came back to m'sia from canada/us/uk last week and are all sick now. It's the heat.

It's so fucking hot, one 'fucking' justifies it not.
Already, it's hot and sunny enough here.
Now, it just feels like there is a hairdryer blowing you when you're outside (as Dave  says)

Rudy gave me a leet candlestick holder. It's very fairy-like and i can't wait to get some candles and take photos of it.
Since my room is a war-torn mess (or a feng shui disaster as my dad would say), i decided to put the candlestick holder downstairs for the time being.
I placed it on my dad's significant marble table which only has his crystal quartz whatever ball and chinese vase on it.
I think it's some feng shui thing.
Wait. It's DEFINITELY some feng shui thing.
So. Just now. He asked, "what's your rubbish doing here? wait you knock over the ball than you know..."
I replied, "I kneW you'll ask me bout it!... you're just afraid it'll ruin your feng shui 'arrangement' and 'atmosphere' right!"
My daddy just grinned at me.
I am always right.

*thinks of past*
i take that back.
i can sense retaliation from friends coming my way by saying that.

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  1. arieldreams says:

    erm but don’t have too many high expectations about ze movie beb. It’s mediocre ish. I jer yang suka.

    Oh and would you like to join this blogring?

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