Thursday February 26, 2004

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I put on braces today. yes. i know. i'm 21... with braces. but waIT. i didn't put on the attention-grabbing silver ones... i got the white ones.  everyone has been trying to get me to change my mind saying my teeth are finE bla bla bla, but i swear my tooth in front is sticking out... cos of a fall i had a few years back and has been gradually moving since.

ok yes. i'm vain. so there.

Azwin told me the day before, 'woah, it's damn painful. if you can tahan that than you can tahan anything la'. This didn't help at all. I said, 'you know what, tell me this AFTER i get them so we can compare our painful experience instead of letting me ANTICIPATE it...!'  There was a point i was lying in bed having a vision of me just biting my teeth out so i won't feel them throbbing anymore. i swear if someone punched me my teeth would fall out cos it's so shaky now. i (itchy me) pressed one a bit and it fucking moved! (and it also hurt more for a good 40 mins). In truth, the whole thing wasn't so bad. I was trying to compare the pain with that of a tatoo. My conclusion: a tatoo is more painful, buT more enjoyable kinda painful... if you have had one you'll know what i mean. Whereas getting braces... it's just plain TORTUROUS kinda painful. If you tell me you liked having braces put on, ill smack you.


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